Master Diver (nauibabe) wrote in toyondreaming,
Master Diver


fill out for each session you were at camp:

I was a(n):
I was __ years old.
I attended ___ session.
My counselor was:
We lived in:
My bunkmates were:
I dated:
The dance theme was:
The carnival theme was:
For Olympics, i was on the:
It was the ________ year.



I was an A.

I was 13 years old.

I attended 2nd session.

My counselor was Amy.

We lived in Canteen.

My bunkmates were Kaylin, Brenna, Laura, Claire and Cynthia.

I wanted to go out with Luke, but instead dated Bryan.

The dance theme was Jungle Boogie--I was a native.

The carnival theme was Superheroes--I was a powerpuff girl.

For Olympics I was on the Blackstreet Boyz.

It was my most stressful year.


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